Drone Videography – Newfangled Vision

One of the fascinating camera advancements in the last ten years is drones. The beauty of drones is that they make it quite simple to launch a high-quality camera into the air, enabling you to take pictures from more unusual angles and situations that are difficult to reach on foot. 

With drones, you not only need to know the filming techniques, but also be aware of government regulations and rules. For example, the drone must always stay within an unaided visual line of sight, fly no higher than 120 m (400 ft), or not go beyond a distance of 500 meters (1,640 feet). 

We use drone videos to compliment a corporate video or an advertisement video. As experts of drone operation and photography/videography, we use the following equipment to enhance the footage:

    • An interchangeable lens mirrorless camera
    • Gimbals
    • Sliders
    • Lightning
    • Audio (Mics)
    • Photogrammetry software
    • Ground Control Points
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