NFT or Non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that may be separated from one another by unique identification codes and metadata.

NFT art is a digitalized piece of artwork that a person has tokenized onto a blockchain. These digital files do not have physical copies; instead, they exist solely in the digital universe where investors and art collectors can buy and sell them.

Examples of Popular NFTs

    • Crypto Punks
    • Decentraland
    • Axie Infinity
    • Art Blocks Curated
    • The Sandbox
    • Rarible
    • Meebits
    • Loot
    • Cryptokitties
    • Cool Cats NFT

When CryptoKitties came into existence in 2017, NFT truly gained popularity. Cryptokitties is a blockchain-based game that uses the Ethereum network to generate these funny and adorable kitties. Users or Players can adopt, breed, and trade virtual cats in this game. 

Best Platforms for the creation of NFTs

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Bueno
    • Go Art
    • Pixel Chain
    • Fotor
    • Sketch Ar
    • Krita
    • Nifty Ink

Concept of owning verified digital art

You require a blockchain wallet to store your NFT. The next step is to connect your wallet to an NFT marketplace. Best Platforms for trading NFTs

    • Open Sea
    • Rarible
    • WaxirX
    • Jupiter Meta
    • Bollycoin
    • BuyUCoin
    • Binance
    • Super Rare
    • Foundation Marketplace
    • Nifty Gateway
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