Portrait & Still Photography

Portrait and Still Photography

Be it still or portrait, photography is not at all an easy task. As a photographer, you need to consider the technical stuff like lighting, focus, exposure, and others, and the non-technical aspects such as composition.

For many photographers, still, photography is the most versatile way to the photography skills. It is so because still, photography enables them to focus on lighting, composition, and other elements. On the other hand, portrait photography is a bit difficult. Learn how to set the ISO and exposure or shutter speed to capture stunning portraits.

For a different kind of photography, you will need different sets of lenses, filters (lenses – macro lens, wide-angle lens, etc.), and other accessories (speed lights, reflectors, etc.) 

Hence, this is all about portrait and still photography. To capture appealing and great photos, consider the above aspects and use the best lens, filters, and other accessories wisely.

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