Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration – old or destroyed photo digitally corrected

As you might know, the most carefully stored pictures are prone to damage. If you have older photographs, you will see they have discolored and faded. The most frustrating thing is as the years go by, they get more damaged, and you will be left with photo albums and boxes full of old and damaged photos with scratches and stains here and there.

But the best thing is you can restore those old or destroyed photos with modern software assistance. Old photo restoration is not tricky if you go to a specialist. We use the latest version of software like Photoshop and Corel Draw to restore your damaged images. Aside from this, we execute step-by-step approaches to restore your valuable photos. To know more about the restoration process, check out the below segment.

  • Digitize old photos – As the first step, we scan the old images to make digital copies. While doing this, it is always advisable to use a high-quality scanner to get a high-quality snap. 
  • Crop, straighten, rotate the photo – Making the right adjustment before the magic.
  • Review the photo – Note the damaged spots of the image.
  • Application of filter – To get rid of the scratches and dust and reduce the unwanted noise.
  • The magic touch-up – The last step of the image restoration process is carefully fill in the gaps and sticking it all together.

By restoring the photographs, you can eliminate tears, folds, scratches, and fading. You can add color to your old black-and-white images if you restore them. 

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