Nature & Landscape Photography

Here are a few different elements to consider for nature and property photography. 

 1) Lines

Lines can help your shot feel balanced, focus the viewer’s attention, and convey the picture’s main idea. Images with solid lines within them also stand out.

2) Shapes

Each shape will impact your viewer differently. A circle, for instance, can assist guide the viewer’s eye in-and-around the shape. A triangle will give your image a crisper, more geometric appearance. 

3) Framing

Although a little more challenging to locate, this aspect can provide amazing photographs. Using foreground components to encircle a central subject is nothing but framing. 

4) Depth 

Lighting and subject placement are two examples of how to add depth to your images.

Level up with these nature and landscape photography Filters, Lens and accessories:

  • Filters:
    • Solid Neutral Density Filters
    • Graduated Neutral Density Filters
    • Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Lens:
    • Wide Angle 
    • Standard Zoom Lens
    • Telephoto Lens
  • Other Accessories:
    • Camera Cleaning Kit
    • Extra Battery and SD Memory Card
    • Tripod
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