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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art that keeps your website famous on the search engines” … in layman’s terms. You may either pick our generic SEO package, or outline your exact requirements & budget, and we will design a package specific to your needs. To understand SEO comprehensively, if you don’t already, we recommend reading this article on Wikipedia.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get our expert help with the Search Engine Optimisation of your precious website. Climb among the top search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo! – boost your business and achieve your goals!
The journey to the top of search rankings is a never-ending one. Because once you reach the top, you’ve got to maintain the top spot. With careful planning, strategy and execution, we can achieve results that make an impact.

Top Benefits of SEO

    • Get discovered by real people searching for your products & services
    • Attract quality (organic) traffic that’s more likely to convert
    • Increase your sales and leads
    • Better Return on Investment (ROI) in the long-run
    • Increase your website traffic without having to pay for advertising
    • Solid SEO establishes trust and credibility
    • Acquires more ‘clicks’ than PPC advertising
    • Best chance for small businesses against their big-spending counterparts
    • Unlike paid advertising, SEO results are long-lasting
    • Move ahead of your competition

SEO Case Study

Client: International Travellers’ Hostel
Location: Varanasi, India
Category: Hostel/Hotel/Accommodation
Target Keywords: “book”, “hostel”, “varanasi”
Objective: Attract traffic actively looking to book hostels in Varanasi, India

The Case – April 2021

International Travellers’ Hostel (ITH) is a small tourism business situated in Varanasi, India. Varanasi is a prime location for accommodation providers – it is one of India’s most-travelled cities. We are competing against giant domestic and international booking portals such as Booking.com, GoIbibo, and Hostelworld, as well as India’s own hostel chains. These booking portals (or OTAs) are big spenders, and many of these hostel chains have branches in Varanasi.
Our solid SEO strategy and execution has consistently kept the hostel’s website among the top spots since its launch in early 2013.

Search Phrase

In this case we are using one of the most commonly used search phrases ‘book hostel in varanasi’. Immediately below the search box you will see the first result, which is in fact paid advertising. It’s by one of the big spenders – Hostelworld.com.

Hotel Results Box

Here we see the ‘hotel results box’ immediately below the 2nd advertising spot upon making the search, and before any organic search results. International Travellers’ Hostel is ranked 1st within the hotel results box.
Hotel results box is a feature of Google Search which acts sort of like a ‘meta search engine’ whereby you can book a hotel directly on their official or one of the travel agency’s website. In some cases it is possible to complete the booking directly on Google.

Google Search Results

After the hotel results box come the actual organic search results. Here you can see International Travellers’ Hostel is ranked #4 – stacked towards the top, sandwiched between all the big spenders. In fact, the hostel’s direct competitors begin to show only at #6; and which, indeed, is a hostel chain.


From this SEO case study we can see that by implementing a solid SEO strategy it is possible to beat your competition without spending a fortune. International Travellers’ Hostel does engage in PPC advertising campaigns from time-to-time. But the frequency and budget of those campaigns are easily dwarfed by those of the giant travel agencies.
Of course the hostel isn’t ranked #1 in this case, which calls for ongoing search engine optimisation efforts on our part. But given the rank stacked against the competition – direct and indirect – #4 on Google’s first page is a noteworthy spot.
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