Web Hosting Solution

A website may be considered a digital asset or investment, which needs to be put on the internet so that it can generate some returns for you; i.e. it should be hosted on a web server. A web server is typically a collection hardware and/or the software that helps to deliver content to any who can access the internet.

A Web Hosting company typically services you by providing storage space and seamless internet access, that can be owned or leased by clients. There are many web hosts to choose from and finding the right web hosting packages can be a confusing process.

There are quite a few features to consider when choosing the right web-server. At Ether, we understand these features, and can always help you choose the right server for your current and future needs, without creating a dent in your wallet.

At Ether, we understand these features, and can always help you choose the right server for your current and future needs, without creating a dent in your wallet.


You NEVER want your website to be unreachable. We don’t accept any downtime either, and only work with reliable hosting companies. Which means these companies are sophisticated enough to pre-empt server issues, and have back-up services, etc.


Amount of disk/storage space that will be required to store databases, different files and media. Depending on your business this could be either a few GB or hundreds of GB.

Cost or Pricing

Can be a deal breaker, and we understand the crucial aspect of it. Ether started from a home office too, we know how important each dollar is. We like monthly payments without any lock-in, unless there is a super deal for annualized payments.


A growing concern for everyone as your entire data could become vulnerable if your website does not have good security – i.e. if your web host doesn’t have good security. Most web host companies do not include full or advanced security features in low-end plans.


A combination of Loading time and peak Traffic handling. Numerous hosts offer unlimited bandwidth but if this feature is not managed well by the hosting provider, and sometimes you need dedicated bandwidth :
Loading time indicates the speed of download and upload – directly affecting the time for which your customer has to wait to view the information they clicked on.
Peak Traffics shouldn’t slow-down or break-down your server. This sort-of becomes the benchmark for choosing a plan.

Content Management System (CMS)

Usually an under-appreciated feature, but depending on the growth trajectory of your business, this could become very critical.

Customer Service

I don’t think one can emphasize enough on how important this feature is. If, rather when, you face a problem that is too related to your website, you want it resolved ASAP. Simply put – you can’t afford to be put on hold.

Extra Benefit

Features like SSL, Platform compatibility, free trial, etc. have become a norm and most servers provide it. However it doesn’t hurt to check these out anyways.

Following are some of the most popular web servers

  • Hostinger – Best and Affordable Cloud-based Hosting 
  • Hostinger Bluehost – Best Web Host for Overall needs, particularly for Beginners
  • Dreamhost – Most Affordable Monthly Plan with best email hosting service 
  • Hostgator – Best shared web hosting for lean requirements 
  • GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting
  • SiteGround – Best for Making Your WordPress Site Speedy & Secure
  • A2 Hosting – Fast & Reliable Shared Hosting
  • InMotion – Best VPS Hosting and Reseller hosting 
  • WPEngine – Stellar award-winning best for managed WordPress hosting 
  • Nexcess – Best for scaling and growth
  • Hostwinds – Best dedicated web hosting
  • Liquid Web – Best managed web hosting with bespoke services 

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